Given today’s rapidly evolving world, we have become increasingly dependent on data. Data has emerged as a strategic asset for corporations and governments, without which the majority of institutions cannot function.  Data is also essential to the lives and wellbeing of individuals around the world. Banking information, health records, education transcripts and personal profiles are […]

The entrepreneurship scene in Jordan has grown over the past decade. We have seen an increase in restaurants, social media and marketing businesses, e-commerce establishments, and homemade products being sold on the internet. Not only have creativity and innovation ascended, but these businesses have created a continuously growing number of jobs for the youth in […]

Having An Idea Is Great. But What We Need Is People Who Can Turn Ideas Into Business Institutions   Ideas are a great point A. They are the first draft of any business. A raw reflection of an entrepreneur’s ambition to accomplish a goal. For every billion-dollar idea however, a diligent plan was pursued in […]