Being a Successful Entrepreneur Isn’t Only About Having the Best Idea Successful companies are built on ideas, structure and effort. When a business kicks off, the entrepreneur and the idea are both equally important. During the startup phase, many sleepless nights are spent, ideas are pondered, prototypes are tested, target markets are identified and clients are […]

Spray and Pray No More! During 2020, global venture capital (VC) funding reached USD 326 billion, with the MENA piece of the pie standing at only USD 1 billion*1 – a starkly low figure. Our region can definitely do better! Using the 0.06%*2 VC to GDP ratio of the USA, there is an up to […]

Entrepreneurship in the Face of Change     The current rate of global change is greater than ever before, with knowledge creation expanding rapidly due to the increased interaction and communication brought about by the internet and communications technology. At the start of the 1900s, knowledge doubled approximately every 100 years. By 1945, knowledge doubled […]