Who would have thought that selling food would be scalable and that ‘amazonification’ would have something to do with it!   While there’s no specific definition for ‘amazonification’ – you can deduce that it describes the colossal impact that disruptors like Amazon have had on industries and consumer habits. With customer expectations at an all-time […]

Business valuation is a multifaceted process used to quantify the value of a business based on theoretical models and market reality – taking into consideration historical performance, future expectations, tangible assets, perceived risks, synergies, industry factors and comparable business assets. Although some items can be determined using mathematical models, others are based on professional opinion. […]

The Rich Boys Club Entrepreneurship has always been an exclusive club, and when I joined the investment world – what feels like a few lifetimes ago – my goal was to make this club more inclusive and empower the non-ivy-league camp. Funnily enough, over 90% of the investments I made have been with those who […]