Frequently Asked Questions

Questions ISSF Response
In the TOR announcement, you have requested that we submit an Expression of Interest letter. Kindly advise the deadline for this.  
The TOR includes a list of PDO indicators. To clarify, these KPIs and targets are set for ISSF itself and not the Program Manager. Kindly confirm. The PDOs are for the ISSF. It is important for bidders to understand where their efforts contribute to achieving program objectives.
You refer to the structure of ISSF as a project into 3 components; with component 2 being the one relevant to this TOR. The TOR mentions “Under this activity, the ISSF will support at least 825 entrepreneurs/ SMEs to become investor ready”. In the following paragraph, the TOR mentions “provide technical assistance that will target 675 young Jordanian companies that are post ideation stage.” Kindly confirm that the target for the assignment under the TOR is 675 companies and not 825. Target is 675   However, more is better.
The TOR mentions “This ISSF program will be launched and managed with a total budgeted amount of $2.50M” – should we understand that this is the total budget for this TOR? $2.5M is the upper limit,
Later the TOR refers to Vendors, and Service Providers (VSPs); please advise what the target number of VSPs to be selected through the program is. Depends of the services which are deemed relevant and important by the bidder.  As many or as few as you deem necessary.
The TOR refers to “register all applicants, and ecosystem players into a market place platform sourced by the ISSF” – does this platform exist already? Platform does not exist.   It will be tendered separately
The TOR also refers to “1. Registration for the program is filled online on the website any time of the year throughout the duration of the program” – does this functionality exist already? It exists today on the ISSF website.   Once the platform is created we will integrate with it.
Under (Program Implementation Requirements that the Program Manager should prepare) you mention “Development of the technical requirements of the program site” – kindly explain. This is an attempt for the ISSF to invest in an IT platform which will provide the program manager with a useful management tool as well as provide ISSF with a means to monitor program progress.  This will enable ISSF to engage the program manager intelligently because ISSF will be reading from the same details as the program manager.
Under (1. Monitoring and Evaluation” you mention “1. The Program Manager will conduct an evaluation process by asking beneficiary all participating stakeholders to rate program” – kindly explain this requirement. ISSF wants to know, if the delivered program was relevant and effective. Responses should be used to improve the program, if weaknesses ae identified. ISSF wants to see proactive management of the program because there is always space for improvement..
Under (1. Monitoring and Evaluation” you mention “2. The Program Manager will prepare statements of expenditure and program costs” and “3. Up-to-date program implementation expenditure” – please advise how these are different. The EEDP program has multiple components and a total cost. Each components has an expected/budgeted cost and timing Actual component costs may differ from budgeted costs. Actual timing of components may differ from planned execution How much of the total cost has been actually expended? How much of the budgeted components have actually been expended?
Under (1. Contract) you mention “There will be none-fungibility between the BDS grants and the rest of the expected activities” – kindly explain. Business Development services will be funded through grants for companies with identified needs.  The monies allocated for BDS grants, cannot be used elsewhere in the program.
Under (3. Commitment) you indicate that the performance guarantee will be in the same amount as the tender. The common practice is that the performance guarantee is for 10%. We would appreciate if you would re-consider this requirement since it will not be possible to achieve. ISSF will consider this request.
Under (4. Eligibility Criteria) you indicate that the Program Manager must “Reflect the network that the Program Manager has to be local Jordanian, regional and international entrepreneurial ecosystems that will contribute to deliver the ISSF mandate” – please explain. It is assumed that the program manager has a network of relationships with local, regional and international business service providers, incubators, accelerators, lecturers, academics, universities, etc.  The question is, how can this network and set of relationships be leveraged to provide meaningful value to Jordanian companies, management teams and entrepreneurs.
Under (5. Request for Proposal), you refer to “4. A mapping of the existing incubators, accelerators, business development service providers and training companies” – please confirm that conducting this mapping is part of the required scope of work, while the bidder should explain the proposal how this activity will be realized.  Mapping is part of the scope.   ISSF expects and explanation in detail of how this will be done and what will be covered.  
Under the same section, you mention that “Companies are requested to propose a fee structure that can be embedded within the fees listed herein at no extra cost by the ISSF.” – please explain The bidding party(ies) may wish to consider charging a fee to beneficiaries as a means to make sure that serious beneficiaries apply and are accepted.  A proposed fee structure will also indicate the level of sustainability after the ISSF  program is completed.  This will reflect positively on the bids because this is intended to be a sustainable eco-system play.
Bidder name in Arabic & English ( كيف سيظهر اسم الشركة على الكفالة)Innovative Start ups and SME’s Fund
P.O. Box for the bidderP.O. BOX 27300
Amman 11181, Jordan
Period from to (المدة) Period of bid bond: Ninety Days from submission of offers
هل يوجد شروط خاصة أو نص لكفالة دخول العطاءلا يوجدشروط خاصة

Following to item 6 in the tender announcement published in the newspapers, as well as items 3.2 of the TOR published on the ISSF Website, please note the following important adjustment:

–           Parties submitting proposals will need to include a bid bond to equivalent 10% or their bid price.

–           The party awarded the project shall be required to submit a performance guarantee equivalent to 10% of the award value, annually renewable with the same value of the balance of the award value.

لاحقاً  للبند رقم (6)  في إعلان طرح العطاء الذي تم نشره في الصحف الرسمية، وتبعاً لكل من البنود رقم (2.3) الواردة في الشروط المرجعية المنشورة على الموقع الإلكتروني للشركة(ISSF)، يرجى ملاحظة كل من التعديلات الهامة التالية:

– يتوجب على جميع الشركات التي قامت بإرسال مقترحاتها، تقديم كفالة دخول عطاء بما يعادل 10٪ أو عرض سعر.

– يتوجب على الشركة التي أحيل عليها العطاء تقديم كفالة حسن تنفيذ بما يعادل 10 % من قيمة المكافأة، قابلة للتجديد سنوياً بنفس قيمة المكافأة

  1. Please note that the deadline to receive technical & financial proposals has been extended to 16/06/2019, Sunday at 12:00 PM at ISSF offices located on 3rd Circle, Tawfiq Abu Al-Huda St, Middle East Insurance Company Building, 1st Floor.
  1. نود التذكير ولفت نظر عنايتكم بأنه تم تمديد الموعد النهائي لتسليم العروض الفنية والمالية  ليوم الأحد الموافق 16/06/2019، حيث يتم استلام العروض في مقر الشركة الكائن في جبل عمان- الدوار الثالث/ مقابل وزارة التخطيط والتعاون الدولي الطابق الأول من بناية الشرق الأوسط للتامين لغاية الساعة الثانية عشر ظهراً. تقديم ضمانة لأداء وسير العمل ما يعادل 10 % من قيمة المكافأة، قابلة للتجديد سنوياً بنفس قيمة رصيد قيمة الجائزة.
  1. Bidders need to segment their offer into the following:
    1. Program design, program management, Monitoring and Evaluation breakdown
    2. Investment readiness services to be provided and selected service providers
    3. Business Development Services and the proposed Business Development Services providers
  2. The required bid bond and performance bond will be 10% of the designed management and Monitoring and Evaluation of the program
  3. The program manager is responsible for the quality of the overall implementation and the program manager will request from ISSF to pay the service providers directly
  4. Extension  of the tender deadline 2 weeks till 16/06/2019
  5. Companies receiving Business Development Services must submit a Satisfaction letter for the service delivered before payment will be made by ISSF