Deal Flow Creation

Deal Flow Creation

ISSF intends to revitalize the development and growth of entrepreneurs, innovative startups and SMEs throughout their entrepreneurial journey to realize their full potential. We aim to serve brand new startups and existing young innovative SMEs across Jordan.

ISSF aims to support, initiate and incept programs, such as incubation, acceleration, investment readiness and business development services to support deal flow for risk capital funding in Jordan.

We will collectively collaborate with ecosystem agents and enablers to deliver maximum impact for founders, teams, investors, markets, society and the economy at large.

Creating a deal flow of viable enterprises and deals, value creation, realization, growth, and long-term sustainability are at the heart of our mission.

Entrepreneurial Journey
and Evolutionary Programs

ISSF will work to nourish existing programs and initiate new ones to bring about stronger and more diversified offerings throughout every stage of the entrepreneurial journey- idea, plan, prototype, minimal viable product (MVP), launch, manage and grow.

Through strategic program partners and networks; we aim to deliver:


Support and synergize incubators and support networks across Jordan to ease the journey of getting an idea off the ground and stimulate new innovations;

Business Development Services

Support efficiency and growth plans of existing innovative SMEs to strengthen competitiveness and increase the value of Jordanian businesses and innovations;

Investment Readiness And Acceleration

Support entrepreneurial growth through structured programs to help entrepreneurs of innovative SMEs to grow their abilities, strengthen their companies, understand the different types of funding and requirements, become investor ready and help pitch to investors;

Angel Investor Networks

Assist and support the set-up of Jordanian angel investor networks; this will expand possible sources of seed funding to entrepreneurs and enable access to networks and expertise. For risk taking investors, angel investor networks provide a channel to tap into a deal flow of possible high returns early stage deals, a shared platform for opportunities, and a rewarding active role to fuel high growth companies and innovation.

Who are programs for

  • Ambitious entrepreneurs who envision a high growth potential and innovative start up or SMEs formally established, innovative and less than five years old
  • Formally established innovative SME less than 5 years old

Our Ambitions and Ethos

  • Spur growth in innovative start-ups and small to medium enterprises
  • Cultivate a growth mindset and “can do” attitude
  • Spark innovation across the Kingdom
  • Accelerate journey for young companies
  • Mobilize collective impact


We will look at innovative opportunities across all sectors, not necessarily in ICT, except for real estate, construction, or heavy manufacturing.

Eligible Entities

Every program will include its detailed eligibility criteria for partners and applicants