Fund of Funds

Indirect Investments

ISSF intends to invest in existing and emerging local, regional and international qualified and eligible funds with proven track record in addition to insights into the Jordanian market.

ISSF mainly envisions to invest in the following three types of funds:

Seed Funds

USD 2 – 5 million Seed Funds, targeting to invest in companies seeking to raise capital between USD 50,000 – USD 280,000 to fund company’s research and development activities and initiate the commercialization of the company’s products/services.

Early Stage Funds

USD 5 – 15 million Early Stage Funds, targeting to invest in companies with proven ideas who are seeking to raise capital between USD 280,000 – USD 750,000 to commercialize the company’s products/services.

Venture Capital Funds

USD 15 million venture capital funds, targeting to invest in companies with demonstrated significant revenue growth who are seeking to raise capital between USD 750,000 – USD 2 million to support the growth and expansion plans of the company.

Eligible Funds

  • Funds with Investment Strategy that is in-line with ISSF general investment strategy, with a specific focus on investing in companies physically located in Jordan and/or operations are being conducted in Jordan.
  • Hands-on strategy with demonstrated experience and capacity to offer mentorship, networking and linkages support to the fund’s portfolio companies/investees.
  • A proven Fund Manager Track record and demonstrated experience in fund management and targeted investment area.
  • Proven track record and demonstrated experience of individual staff members of the emerging funds.
  • A well-balanced team members composition to enable them to carry on the activities of the Fund.
  • Fund Size that is commercially viable with proper allocation of funding to allow for the follow-on investments whenever needed.
  • Funds should have a physical operational presence in Jordan. However, funds can be domiciled in jurisdictions acceptable to ISSF.
  • For existing funds, a minimum of 2 years of operations having in place a sound financial system and audited financial statements signed off by a licensed auditor and not to have adverse or disclaimer audit opinions.
  • Fund Manager staff members should not be under litigation or on the list of banned companies in Jordan or by the World Bank, with no criminal records and are not under any blacklist.