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Public Relations and Social Media Outreach (RFP)


Tender # 1/2020


Established in response to the first recommendation of the Jordanian Economic Policy Council, The Innovative Startups and SMEs Fund (“ISSF”) is a private sector managed fund making investments in innovative startups and early stage SMEs.
The World Bank has invested USD 50 million in the Fund which was complimented by the Central Bank of Jordan with an additional USD 48 million bringing the total working capital of the ISSF to USD 98 million.

The ISSF will promote entrepreneurship and contribute to job creation in Jordan by increasing private, early stage equity finance for innovative small and medium enterprises (SMEs). In addition to early stage financing, the ISSF will encourage entrepreneurship across Jordan with outreach programs to entrepreneurs from lagging regions, underserved sectors and underserved groups such as youth and women entrepreneurs.

The ISSF aims at investing in Jordanian companies, providing investment support to partner investors, as well as improve the quality and variety of services provided by intermediaries and networks dedicated to the creation of deal-flow in Jordan’s ecosystem.

Communication Goals

  • Establish the ISSF as the engine of Jordan’s entrepreneurship ecosystem
  • Build a reputation of being an effective ecosystem driver through smart money
  • Prompt funds and fund managers (locally and globally) to start working with the ISSF in Jordan
  • Engage local entrepreneurs and make them aware there is an advocate and resource for them in the country. Also connect with incubators, ecosystem players and accelerators to create a stronger community.
  • Show the business community and wider public that Jordan is serious about its entrepreneurs and growing the economy in a sustainable manner (generating employment opportunities)

Scope of Work

The following scope of work is to be conducted by an entity who can manage all of the below requirements:

PR & Media Outreach

1. Key Message Positioning and Development

  • Create a framework for all messages based on the following criteria
Activity Considerations Key Points to Communicate:
Direct Investments Lead Investor Lead Investors from the private sector are key for ISSF investments since that private sector will only approach projects and startups on commercial basis.

ISSF is a public fund and public funds don’t lead according to international best practices.

Strong lead investors which can support valuation, larger round sizes and conduct Due Diligence are crucial for a healthy startup ecosystem.


Limited Due Diligence role  by ISSF including 24 months roll-out plan Why does the ISSF leave the Due Diligence to investors? This exercise benefits investors but main value goes to startups.
ISSF takes part of rounds capped at $1.5m Seed rounds are under-funded in Jordan and the region. ISSF focuses on seed stage to support startups and bridge the gap.

ISSF has a developmental role and hence focuses on seed stage.

Indirect Investments Investors don’t want to lead, keen to follow instead ISSF support fund managers which lead rounds and we will work together to create deal flow in the region.
Limited role post investment ISSF support fund managers with active roles and board seats in portfolio companies
Reporting ISSF imposes quarterly reporting on fair value and portfolio performance – This is a crucial requirement
Due Dilligence Timing ISSF creates impact by imposing discipline on funds process and governance.

Due Dilligenge requirements are available to fund managers prior to process kick off.

Turn around by ISSF is quick, preparing missing information by fund managers is time consuming.


2. Media and Content Development Local:

  • Drafting Press Releases in Arabic and English
  • Press Kit Preparation in Key Events
  • Drafting CEO keynotes for Key Speeches and Press Interviews
  • Develop ISSF Social Media Platforms Content Strategy
  • Creating corporate presentations

3. Investment News Local:

  • Drafting Press Releases in Arabic and English announcing:
      1. Agreement on the investment
      2. Closure of the deal
      3. Exit / completion of transaction
  • Arranging interviews with the investment recipients directly with media
  • Organize ongoing press opportunities for each investment throughout their different stages of growth

4. TOR Related News and Activities:

    • Communicating latest Terms of Reference / Bids Issued by the ISSF
    • Publishing their news on social media, website and press including securing ad positions for the calls for entries when necessary
    • Ensuring audience and stakeholders receive information with latest updates on the terms of reference issued by the ISSF

4. Dissemination:

  • Press releases distribution to local and regional media outlets

6. International Media and Regional Coverage are mandatory/ Global Coverage is a plus:

  • Secure international media opportunities for the ISSF
  • Position the ISSF and Jordan as an international benchmark for accelerating entrepreneurship ecosystem
  • Publish case studies and investment news in global media
  • Secure speaking opportunities and other publicity for the ISSF at global events

7. Media Relations and Media Monitoring

  • Managing media relations on behalf of the ISSF
  • Press Events (media round table, Press conference)
  • Daily media monitoring of Arabic and English news stories about the ISSF, its partners and the industry published online and offline
  • Arranging for TV, press and radio interview

Social Media (Monthly)

1. Social Media Management

    • Key Messaging on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube
    • Moderating, Posting and Content Management
    • Suggested Content plans that span per channel, per month,
    • Community management
    • On site event support
    • Connecting with influencers and inviting them to events and activities
    • Proactive engagement with other partners and entrepreneurship organizations online

2. Social Media Additional Services

  • Social media ads Cost per month
  • Social media videos Cost per Video
  • Photography per event in Amman
  • Social media buying fees to increase number followers i.e. likes of 50,000 on Social Media platforms in a 12 months period
  • Draft 2 blogs per month for the website

Creative Design

  • Developing the overall design concepts for use on social media
  • Web banners design
  • Marketing collateral printed designs (brochures, flyers, etc…)
  • Supporting all design work for the ISSF

Website Management

1. Website

    • Revamp existing website and launch more functional, user-friendly site
    • Publish content on site regularly and make updates whenever necessary
    • Publish blogs and news releases on the website
    • Ensure proper linking to all social media sites and share regularly from the site
    • Publish reports and TORs

Video Content Development (Monthly)

1. Video Content

    • Conduct regular interviews with ISSF stakeholders
    • Publish 4x videos per month on the YouTube page and other social media outlets
    • Create infographics and animations about the ISSF and entrepreneurship in general 3x infographics per month)
    • Reach 250,000 views on all videos in 12 months

Events Management

1. Organizing Annual Event – Startup Kingdom

Organize annual event that will align all entrepreneurship ecosystem players to focus their efforts holistically – An entrepreneurship mosaic will need to be designed and each party will pledge to focus on one area to ensure all parts of the system are working toward one goal.

  • Set venue, date and all logistics with the ISSF annual event
  • Brand the entire venue
  • Prepare invitations to all stakeholders
  • Invite media to event and all related press work
  • Promote event on social media pages
  • Cover event on social media pages
  • Document the event with photographers and videographers
  • Prepare all presentations, speeches and related marketing collateral to support the event
  • Gather contact information of all attendees

2. Organizing Quarterly Event

  • Organize a quarterly event (round-table or open discussion) at partner venue
  • Invite attendees to event
  • Promote event on social media pages
  • Cover event on social media pages
  • Support with presentation
  • Gather contact information of all attendees


1. Create weekly, monthly and quarterly reports

    • Social media reports measuring engagement, growth, impressions and clicks
    • Monthly media reports with advertising and PR value
    • Advertising reports must include cost per click and cost per summary
    • Progress reports on current tasks and completion rate
    • Overall communication results report with track charts to monitor progress and relevant analytics
    • Update reports must be submitted every Thursday and Monthly reports must be submitted on the first week of every new month and quarterly reports must be submitted after three months

Process for Application:

Proposals from interested parties should include:

  1. Expression of Interest Letter
  2. Technical Offer
  3. Financial Offer
  4. Media Plan (Advertising budget)
  5. Sample of Work for Each Component
  6. Shortlisted companies (agencies) must provide a presentation to the Communication Committee before final selection
  7. Shortlisted companies (agencies) must also provide a 2% bid bond of the proposed financials to be replaced by a 10% performance bond by the winner bidder

Core Requirements:

Interested parties must have:

  1. Five years of experience working within the entrepreneurship field
  2. Worked with previous entrepreneurship organizations as a reference
  3. Worked previously with financial institutions or in a related investment field
  4. Capable of generating content in English and Arabic
  5. Must have a regional network of media connections
  6. Must be able to provide all services listed above under one entity

Parties will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

Evaluation Criteria Total (out of 100%)
Strategy and implementation 40% Creativity 30% Financial cost 20% Company profile, past history & team 10%
40 30 20 10 100%

Deadline for Application June 18th, 2020

Parties must submit all the required documents and proposals at our offices located in the 3rd Circle, Tawfiq Abu Al-Huda St, Middle East Insurance Company Building, 1st Floor.

Please note that Media Plan, Technical proposal (including work samples and letter of interest) and Financial proposal should be submitted separately in sealed envelopes, labelled as “Media Plan”, “Technical Offer” and “Financial Offer” followed by the company name, date of submission, and stamped with the company’s stamp. Additionally, one electronic copy of the Technical proposal should be emailed to For more details, please visit: